Arrow Senior Living

Arrow Senior Living was established in 2009 by CEO and Principal Stephanie R. Harris to serve as the management entity of its parent company, Turnaround Solutions, which provides consulting, management, training, and sales support services to senior living communities.

Over the past 10-plus years, Arrow has grown to staff more than 1,000 employees and house approximately 2,000 residents across its 22 properties in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio. As of 2019, Arrow was named the 66th-largest senior housing operator in the U.S., reporting more than $300 million in real estate assets, with $125 million more under construction.

Together with Turnaround Solutions, the goal at Arrow Senior Living is threefold: reinvent the marketing strategy and improve occupancy rates at every community, but also to breathe new life into the morale of every staff member.


Arrow Senior Living blends structure with flexibility in managing senior living communities, and that combination permeates every facet of every community, from approaching prospective-resident interactions with the right sales and marketing approach to ensuring every property is routinely maintained with the utmost attention.

Sales & Marketing

Drawing upon the techniques created and perfected at Turnaround Solutions, Arrow Senior Living exceeds industry standards for occupancy rate. The key lies in Arrow’s attention to detail, treating the sales cycle as something not to be rushed, so as to take the time to fully address the concerns and questions of the prospective resident and his or her family members.

When executed properly, this approach, Arrow says, typically builds a rapport between the Arrow team and many prospects that most other communities can overlook.


Arrow Senior Living considers dining to be one of the main driving factors behind both prospect interest and resident satisfaction. To achieve both, a balance between presentation, flavor, and nutrition must be established and maintained — over and over.

The Arrow culinary team relies heavily upon critical feedback from residents to make sure this balance is evident in every dish, from omelets and garden salads to the fresh fish of the day and cherry pie.


Independence, dignity, and peace of mind are essential to the general wellness of each community resident, but to Arrow Senior Living, true wellness means that health resides in the body, mind, and spirit.

And no two residents are cared for identically, which is why Arrow uses a customized, point-based care system so that residents — or their families — are responsible for only paying for the service that they require.

Resident Services

Social interaction is vital to the well-being of any human being. This is especially critical of residents of senior living facilities, who depend upon community programming to foster interpersonal communication.

Arrow Senior Living communities fill each month with such programming, giving residents opportunities to interact on various levels. Some of those events include:

  • Movie nights
  • Games
  • Group outings
  • Educational seminars
  • Exercise classes
  • Transportation services
  • Plant Operations

Each Arrow Senior Living community employs a professional maintenance team dedicated to performing regular upkeep to prevent problems from taking place — or responding with efficiency when unforeseen repairs are needed.

The maintenance team also consists of weekly housekeeping and laundry services so that residents can live as worry-free as possible.


The team at Arrow Senior Living works as one, and that team is unified everyday by a shared set of values that allows each member to serve residents to his or her fullest extent.

Those values are each team member at Arrow Senior Living:

  • Believes acts of kindness can drive change in the world
  • Consistently and firmly advocates for fairness
  • Defends the dignity of others
  • Chooses to have a childlike sense wonder
  • Solves problems and always answers “yes”
  • Understands that transparency builds trust
  • Strives to be humble
  • Believes in the power of a chuckle
  • Is a dedicated and loyal member of the team