Auberge Senior Living

Long considered to be the standard in quality senior care, the Auberge Senior Living brand comprises 21 properties located across the United States.

Each Auberge community offers assisted living service and memory care.

This includes assistance for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of memory impairment. All Auberge communities administer memory care using the organization’s  renowned Spark™ Lifestyle Program, a Montessori-inspired approach that seeks to enrich the lives of residents through active community engagement and peer support.

All Auberge communities are concentrated within six states: Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

A Shared Mission

Every Auberge community strictly adheres to a core mission of ensuring the life of each resident, staff member, and associate experiences enrichment through community programs, effective communication, and the very best in senior care.

At the heart of this mission is Auberge’s industry-leading innovation of assisting those with dementia and other forms of memory impairment.

Over the years, the Auberge brand has cultivated a reputation that clearly and brightly reflects this vision, and, in the process, has become a symbol of quality senior care that is as rewarding to staff members as it is beneficial to residents.

Leaders in Memory Care

Management and staff members at Auberge communities have a deep understanding of the devastating effects of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. 

And it is this very understanding that plays a pivotal role in the daily application of the organization’s famous Spark™ Lifestyle Program, leveraged by every Auberge community to provide a level of care that has become a model for how memory impairment should be treated.

The program was thoughtfully constructed to maximize the benefits of activities of daily living — including exercise, dining, and restful opportunities — as a means of catalyzing and sustaining cognitive function and personal growth.

Amenities at Auberge

Auberge communities take pride in providing residents with an environment that enriches the body, soul, and mind.

An essential element of that environment is a number of attractive amenities at every Auberge community.

Chef-Inspired Cuisine

Every community of the Auberge family is staffed with a team of culinary experts whose main goal is making sure each resident is nourished multiple times per day with meals that contain only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.

Menu items include crisp salads, soups made from scratch, decadent desserts, and main courses that can be tailored specifically to residents’ dietary needs.

The Standard of Hospitality

Receiving a warm greeting from team members upon entering any Auberge property is only the beginning.

Whether it’s the housekeeping staff, a member of the maintenance team, a liaison for transportation assistance, or a personal lifestyle coordinator, generosity is waiting around every corner.

Enriching the Spirit, Body, & Mind

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about more than just diet and exercise.

Culinary teams at Auberge communities provide each resident with a well-rounded diet, and exercise opportunities are plentiful thanks to fitness facilities, daily exercise classes, and tranquil on-premise walking paths and trails.

But as important is the mind, which residents are strongly encouraged to nourish a number of ways.

Every Auberge community contains dedicated spaces for worship of any denomination, and there’s always a full calendar of events that invite residents to exercise their cognitive skills, from painting lessons and large craft workshops to the occasional lectures from guest speakers.

Auberge Communities

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The Auberge at Cedar Park

The Auberge at Cypresswood

The Auberge at Highland Park

The Auberge at Kingwood

The Auberge at Lake Zurich

The Auberge at Missoula Valley

The Auberge at Naperville

The Auberge at North Ogden

The Auberge at Oak Village

The Auberge at Onion Creek

The Auberge at Peoria

The Auberge at Plano

The Auberge at Scottsdale

The Auberge at Sugar Land

The Auberge at The Woodlands

The Auberge at Valley Ranch

The Auberge at Vintage Lake